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Music band from Moscow (ambient folk/ pagan folk). Bjarla is a team from Russia, Moscow. In their music traditional folk tunes paint images of snowy open spaces and evergreen forests. The sounds of mandolins, guitars, flutes, jouhikko, lyre, bagpipes and Jew’s-harp are intertwined with texts mainly on the northern theme. The lyric voice completes this folk-mix, accompanied by powerful throat singing. Bjarla's lyrics are written in three languages: Russian, English and Swedish. The main sources of inspiration, according to the musicians, are beautiful nature, history and a bit of mythology. The word “bjarla” is coined by the members of the collective to designate a group, has northern roots, derived from "björt" ("bright", Iceland.), "bjarmi" ("shine", Iceland.).

About us: Об исполнителе
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